We’re committed to safely protecting our employees, our communities and our clients.

Our company is only as strong as the people we employ. So we recognize that our culture must promote the goal of keeping those we work with and the places where we work safe. We are enthusiastic members of the ACI/OSHA Partnership that fosters worker knowledge, increases worker empowerment, and reduces hazards and injuries at job sites, and we’ve been recognized many times for our commitment to making work safe.

National Safety Council

  • Certificate of Merit 2011
  • Significant Improvement 2011
  • Certificate of Merit 2010
  • Significant Improvement 2010

American Concrete Institute

  • Certificate of Recognition 2010
  • Fleet Safety Award 2010
  • Zero Lost Time Award 2010
  • Safety Improvement Award 2010

American Society of Concrete Contractors

  • W. Burr Bennett Awards for Safety Excellence 2012
  • Outstanding Safety Achievement Award 2012