The concrete we put down today shapes our community for the future.

Every day, we put our hands and minds to work on projects across the Cincinnati region. Projects that will inspire new communities to grow. And projects that will bring older communities to see themselves in a new light. The one thing they all have in common is that they need to last. To endure the decades with structurally sound, timeless design. And it’s up to us to make sure they do.


Stamina? It's in our DNA.

When Herman Prus left Germany to make Cincinnati his home, he leaned in to the hard work that’s required of the American Dream. Making his way street-by-street with a wagon and a team of mules, he laid the porches and sidewalks that would transform the city’s blocks into thriving neighborhoods.


Prus’ persevering grit defines who we are today. We are the builders of the infrastructure, the backbone of each project. Every inch of concrete we pour needs to hold the people, the transportation and the commerce that are waiting to come to life upon it. There’s no time to bide and no room for error.


We believe in the possible.

Every partnership begins with enthusiasm. But the truth is, most projects are an endurance test of goodwill and determination. At Prus we welcome that challenge, never losing sight of our common goals, because we know that’s how we’ll build something of value for you.